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Founder & Mission

Our Mission: Save Time, Elevate Our Users Income, Image, and Brand.

Len Morales Jr.Len Morales Jr. is an artist, entrepreneur, technology inventor, and investor… as well as the founder of ViewFoo.  ViewFoo is a SaaS application and an emerging technology designed to benefit both photographers and the industry. The ViewFoo technology platform, increases work productivity and sales, fosters better communication with clients, builds and promotes a stronger business brand, and also provides the most dynamic viewing platform available for photos.

But what makes ViewFoo unique is the man behind the tech.  A passionate photographer himself, Len works diligently to explore the art and his creative expression.  His photography and art are abstract and impressionistic in style and are influenced by his spirituality and family.  He understands more than most how art is both business and an opportunity to bring peace, light, and passion into the world. It is both personal and professional.  When building ViewFoo he tried to incorporate what he considers the most important “real world” functionality for his clients from his experience as a photographer.

But likely, if you’re considering ViewFoo, you’re looking into the business side of your work.  That’s where Len’s 20 years of marketing and business experience comes into play.  His company INLANDLIGHT partners with and consults for U.S. and international companies on their marketing, advertising, and digital needs. That experience partnered with his extensive IT background in application development, renders him well equipped to design, build, and develop the right application for the progressive digital photographer.  Whether you are looking to expand your photography business, digital and social media presence, or you just want to have the best and most innovative technology backing your photography, ViewFoo is for you.

Perhaps most importantly, Len is passionate about internet technology and innovation and pushing the boundaries in creating, viewing, sharing, and securing online content. He’s also a strong believer in client-designer communication. If you like what you see here or have additional suggestions for features, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Len below!